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Company profile

  • Company name: Hong Vi Na Gas Cylinders Co., Ltd
  • Address: 826 An Duong Vuong, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Company status: Liable limited company
  • Products and services:
    • Welded LPG steel cylinders: 6kg, 12kg, 45kg (water capacity: 13 liters – 108 liters)
    • Materials for LPG cylinder making: hot rolled steel sheet in coil, components (handle shourd, foot-ring), valve pad (bung, neckring), steel shot/grit, pure zinc wire for metallizing, gas sealant, various types of LPG valves
    • Periodical inspection, re-painting, repair used LPG cylinders
  • Year of establishment: 1993
  • Annual production capacity: 300,000 units
  • Number of LPG cylinders delivered: 6,000,000 units approx.
  • Manufacturing standards: Our products are in conformity with the following:
    • National technical regulation QCVN 04:2013/BCT & QCVN: 01-2008/BLĐTBXH
    • DOT 4BA/4BW (US)
    • ISO 22991 (European)
    • EN 1442 + A1 (French standard)
  • Quality management system: ISO 9001:2008

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