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Bring peace to every home when using our top quality gas cylinders, contributing to environmental protection.

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Sustain our position as the No. 1 pressure cylinder manufacturer in Viet Nam, export development, aiming to become a global supplier.

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  Periodical inspection for used LPG cylinders Replacement of de-formed attachments Re-painting, reconditioning HVGC is also an experienced, trusted supplier for the above-mentioned services. We can meet all customer needs for related LPG cylinder services.

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Other products

HVGC also supply materials used in LPG cylinder making, such as: Hot rolled steel sheet in coil Attachments (handle shroud, foot-ring) Valve pad (bung, neckring) Pure zinc wire for metallizing Gas sealant Various types of LPG valves (Thailand, Japan, etc.)

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Product: LPG cylinders

HVGC’s LPG cylinders are made of hot-rolled steel complying with JIS G3116 SG255/295 or at customer’s request. 2-piece cylinder: 6kg to 15kg LPG (water capacity: 13 liters to 34 liters) 3-piece cylinder: 39kg to 50kg LPG (water capacity 84 liters to 108 liters) Safety is HVGC’s top concern. Therefore, by ...

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