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[Chinese shoes Network - International News] Nike's vice president of global sourcing and manufacturing, today announced Nick Athanasakos - Vietnam as its core supply markets. Athanasakos when visiting Vietnam last week, Vietnamese Minister of Planning and Investment Bui Quang Vinh said: in Nike's supply market, crucial position in Vietnam. According to Nike the official statistics, the group has 40 shoe factories in Vietnam were hired 300,000 workers (with Nike and Converse brands) exports reached 158 million pairs of shoes annually. Vietnam exports footwear products in 50% of Nike's products, the annual "Nike made" total export over 200 million US dollars. Athanasakos said labor price advantage is Nike choose Vietnam as the main sources of procurement of important reasons. He also said, Nike Group will strive to increase the proportion of Vietnamese local procurement of raw materials, in order to reduce product cost. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)adidas Originals recently released SPEZIAL 17 spring and summer series, combining sportswear and military elements, to create such as military uniforms jordan 3 katrina 2018 , T-Shirt, Polo shirt and sports suits and other modern single products. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! , who is currently in the hottest striker? In terms of the data or performance point of view, Guangzhou R & f foreign aid Zahavi is undoubtedly the best answer to this question, in tonight's FA Cup game against Evergrande, tie again Harvey toudingjiaoti scored two of the fifth Guangzhou Derby scored fifth and sixth goals, while Guangzhou R & F in his leadership home court 4:2 victory over city rivals. 17 League scored 14 goals, tied Harvey is undoubtedly one of the strongest players in attack at present, and he also put their own terrorist efficiency goals and state to continue on the FA cup. Guangzhou Hengda although the absolute supremacy in recent years, but have never been afraid of decimating city rivals his big brother, in April this year, the first time the two sides met, Guangzhou Fuli once away 2:2 draw with rivals, then tie Harvey had scored, now two strong meet again, Retro jordans for sale with Harvey still plays a key figure in decimating the. The 5 face Hengda, tie Harvey has scored 6 goals, every game does not fall, can be called Hengda first nemesis. forty-fourth minutes in the first half, with Harvey instigated offensive, he first put the ball to the right plug Tang Miao, then you get into the box into the tangmiao return pass to help the team to expand the score again; then fiftieth minutes in the second half, and is inclined from tie Harvey in the back with the help of Ray Nardi Neo manufacturing penalty, the children of Israel he stood on the spot to help the team to score gap to two goals to clinch victory. in the two key periods and the solidity of the Hengda equaliser, with Harvey's personal two outbreak affected the process of the game, his personal shooting ability and organization ability is the only line that Hengda put all sorts of things together can not stop, and said Hengda game lost to R & F, rather than Hengda is completely defeated with Harvey in the foot! with Harvey's personal ability without much, on the pitch with Harvey is finishing the end of ability, and the ability to coordinate back in midfield, dare to bear air jordan 11 space jam for sale responsibility, big game shine without doubt he is the leader of the Guangzhou R & F team. At the beginning of the League in the limelight of R & trouble in recent games, ranking also fell, with Harvey himself while maintaining the good efficiency goals, but to help the team to complete the overall progress, he apparently provoked more Liangzi, but from the Guangzhou Derby on the situation, the state is no Eden worry, we can only hope that the team can multi bodied Eden, to get back on track!recently, Jordan Brand is very keen to release wearing shoes for the whole family, from large to small, various sizes of complete Air Jordan boots, very tempting for the shoes fans. For example, will be on the shelves recently, Air Jordan 4 "Motorsport" road color, black, blue and gray combination of colors is very easy to match, it is suitable for the whole family wearing oh. Click here for purchase. Palace has been a good play Flower brand in their own logo, 2017 spring and summer series of new Tri-Ferg Logo overwhelmed by exposure has attracted the innumerable trendsetter on the Internet recently stopped, and the exposure of the new season single product spy, printing Cheap foamposites for sale colorful it is suitable for the upcoming summer. For follow-up, please lock L7 reports.Nike SB fetish reincarnation sports players, Reebok launched jointly Heineken Heineken Pump Omni Lite Shoes 2010-06-09 10:50:36 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: different potential flow] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes Network June 9 hearing, in July 2003 worth just $ 65 a red, green and white five-pointed star Nike SB Dunk Low Sneaker what became the fetish world, in the next few This year was urban legend as Heineken Heineken Heineken joint skateboard shoes worth rose more than 10 times. Recently this classical legend is likely to once again be staged, but the protagonist replaced by Reebok. Heineken Heineken launched a joint Reebok Pump Omni Lite shoes, still a familiar color elements, the world's limited 20 pairs, outside the official channels available for sale. Related newsNike Sportswear recently held the 2011 quarter Holiday show, will display double at the end of the year issued new orders jade shoes, in season 4 of Nike Sportswear in the second half of this year in one of the most shoes flagship is the re Cheap foamposites for sale cent frequent exposure of Sky Force'88. Following the previous public Stussy, x, Nike, Sportswear, Force,'88, Mid and Sky Force'88 Basketball Pack Sky, once again bring a wave of new Sky Force'88 boom. The launch of the Nike Sky Force 88 Low color to NBA'team' theme color, with the Chicago bulls and white / red / black, the Losangeles Lakers white / yellow / purple and Western champion Dallas Mavericks Navy Blue / Blue / white three color options, love retro and NBA team color friends don't miss. NEW BALANCE 446, which has been quiet for a long time, has finally made a new work. The shoes are made of beige and white, and the details are complemented by bright pink and mint green. this section and 996, 998 series somewhat similar, but now on the market 996 and 998 have long been flooding, fail into this section 446, isn't it more distinctive? [pictures from the Internet, FROM:SUPPA] NBA is a legendary hall, so many basketball enthusiasts, unlimited crazy. Since the television and Stern, NBA's influence is spreading to every corner of the globe. Even in a very poor country, as long as there is a simple basketball, there is a ball of things, there is a lot of space, a group of children playing basketball, even if it is hungry belly. NBA is the world's basketball sanctuary, a place of wonder. But behind the legend, it's always a big background. Whether it is a player or a team, the background should not be discouraged, because it is the norm, most people can only become the background. however, the background is hierarchical, some background affiliated in miracle, also be remembered, but some background is always so insignificant, or said to another extreme, and those who called the legend of the miracle of differ by thousands of miles. In fact, said simply, NBA is the "most embarrassing" ingredients. in the end these "most embarrassing" how embarrassing? Together to see: 1, Jordan left, the Bulls fell: 24 seconds to implement the lowest single score. 1999 in April 10th, after the Jordan era of the bulls to 49-82 by the heat baked into beef. 49 points is NBA since the 1954-55 season, the lowest score of 24 seconds since the attack time limit. 48 minutes to 49 minutes, almost a minute to get a point...... Bulls 49 points 58 points less than 9 points in a single section of the League! My, God Oh! 2, the largest in the history of the lost, the heat was frozen in the 1991 years in December 18th, the heat to 80-148 crazy lose Knight 68 points! Crazy lose 68 points, which is by far the largest record in the history of the NBA. Is the heat that is nailed on the pillar of shame, 20 years to connect near heat the "glorious" records are like ge you hair, so heat mad lose 68 points unprecedented is unprecedented. 3, the history of the lowest single score, it seems that we are tired single quarter 2 points is the lowest score in the history of the NBA team, the Mavericks in April 6, 1997 with the Lakers in the third quarter of the game to create. Warriors are not willing to let the Mavericks zhuanmei, so 2004 February 8 in the battle with the Raptors in the section four warriors tied the calf created the record. 2 points seems to be easy, but the time for the two teams really difficult. 4, the most embarrassing is reversed: the Nuggets lead 34 points was reversed by 1996 in November 28th, the Nuggets in the same jazz in the second half of the contest also lead as many as 34 points, but the end of 4 points to lose the game. Nuggets lead 34 points to be reversed, resulting in the greatest reversal of the history of jazz NBA glory records, had to admit that the Nuggets this is really a good example to learn from Lei Feng, the best case. 5, the worst of the The Golden State Warriors today on the road 105-97 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, 40 years after once again appeared on NBA top of the podium, we congratulate the warriors at the same time nor the forget alone James, the to single handedly fighting to the last, this year's finals can take 35+13+8 data, man; and as a veteran of the NBA Finals, this is James for the fifth year in a row, stand on the finals stage, below to look at James successive finals on the feet boots. 2007: Nike Zoom Soldier 1 "Witness" 2011: Nike LeBron 8 PS2012: Nike LeBron 9 Elite 2013: Nike LeBron X Elite2014: Nike Zoom Soldier 72015: LeBron Nike 12 Eliteget reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life!